Captivated by the Creator

      Helping women see beyond their struggles to behold God's gifts of love.                                       

Doris Hoover is an author and speaker.

Her desire is to help women discover the depth and breadth of God's amazing love for them.



Are you struggling? We all face trials. They're part of life. But with each problem that falls on our shoulders, the Lord provides relief. He offers a way to soothe our weary spirits.


When we step outside, we enter a banquet hall filled with delights. The Lord romances our souls through the wonders he places in nature, enticing us with gifts of flowers, sunsets and gentle breezes. 


 The One who cherishes us wants us to know how much he cares for us. As we open our hearts to receive his gifts of beauty in nature, he washes our souls with tenderness. For that moment, our struggles fade in the light of his glorious love.  


 He brought me to the banquet hall, and his banner over me was love. Song of Songs 2:4


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