As Peaceful as a Weaned Child


"But I have stilled and quieted my soul." (Psalm 131:2 NIV)


I'm feeling anxious and worried this evening so I go for a walk to pound out my stress with my feet. No one else is outside so it's very quiet. As I walk, a Bible verse comes to mind, "I do not concern myself with great matters or things too wonderful for me." (Psalm 131:1) The words remind me I can't control the things that are stressing me out. In fact, it's not my place to try to solve my complex worries. They're way too big for me. So beneath a silver crescent moon and flickering starlight, I admit to God I'm overstepping my bounds and I need His help. Once I do that, the evening sky seems to wrap around me like a deep blue comforter. A peaceful calm settles over me.


Even David, a mighty warrior and powerful king, turned to God for help and comfort. He understood that God was in control when his life felt out of control. David said giving his worries to God was a way to quiet his soul. "But I have stilled and quieted my soul; like a weaned child with its mother is my soul within me." (Psalm 131:2)


A weaned child differs from a nursing child. A nursing child is restless, crying and squirming until his mother suckles him. A weaned child enjoys the simple pleasure of just being close to his mother. He sits beside her content to be next to her. As she strokes his sweaty brow and hums, the child relaxes, inhaling his mother's familiar scent and listening to the soft sound of her voice. Peace drifts over him like wispy vapor.


This is the picture David paints for us in Psalm 131. It shows us what resting in the Lord looks like. We, too, can experience the still and quiet contentment of a weaned child. When we let go of the matters we can't control and lean into God, He'll stroke our worried brows and sing over us. In this place of perfect peace, we don't have to be anxious or stressed. The One who rules heaven and earth oversees all that concerns us. We need only rest beside the Lord. 


That night, I finished my walk with a sense of peace deep in my heart. 


Thank you, Lord, for inviting us to still and quiet our souls like a weaned child. You are our source of peace.



















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