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Hike #5 - Liberty Point, Campobello

     We entered the coastal trail where a canopy of branches shaded our path. Sweet smelling balsam fir trees lined the walkway, extending their spindly fingers toward us, as if we were celebrities passing through a reception line. 

          On one side of the trail, the ocean pounded out a rhythmic cadence. On the other side, the forest stood tall, in absolute silence, watching us tramp through its corridor. Every so often, small brown bunnies scurried into the underbrush, squealing at us for entering their territory.

          We exited the trail and came upon wide open sea. Grand Manaan Island was closer than I'd ever seen it. The ocean undulated with fast moving swells as the tide hurried to reach its 20' depth. Waves slushed over rocks and thundered into crevives.  A small island topped with green grass looked like a monstrous frog ready to hop into the sea.

          This rugged coastline fascinates me, and its wild pristine beauty fills my heart with fascination for the One who created it!  


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