A Moment to Treasure

( Copyrighted excerpt from Quiet Moments in The Villages) 


My beloved spoke, and said to me, 'Rise up, my love, my beautiful one, and come away.'  Song of Solomon 2:10


Sun drapes my shoulders with warm silk. A gentle breeze plays with my hair as wisps of clouds drift lazily across a dazzling blue sky. In this perfect moment, my senses tingle with delight. 


This lovely day is a gift from God. His goodness overwhelms me while I walk along the recreation trail. I feel his soft touch on my cheek, and I hear him saying, "Come away with me, my beautiful one." I lift my face heavenward and smile. This is a moment to treasure.


Song of Solomon records an exchange between two lovers who are overwhelmed by their love for one another. They compare each other's beauty to nature: a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valley, an apple tree filled with sweet fruit. Their adulations express their passion as they create moments they will always treasure in their hearts.


In the seventh chapter of Luke, we read of a woman who was moved by her passion for the Savior. The woman, well known for her sinful life, heard that Jesus was nearby and she entered the house where Jesus was dining. As he reclined at the table, the woman crouched at his feet weeping. She washed his feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. She continuously kissed his feet through her tears. She then poured expensive perfume over them. The woman went to Jesus humbled by shame and regret. He sent her away forgiven. The love and forgiveness of Jesus created a moment the woman would always treasure.


My friend Evi went through a very sad time. She found comfort by the ocean where she could be alone with the Lord. Sitting on a secluded beach with tears sliding down her cheeks, she would pray, read Scripture, and sing hymns. No matter how difficult her problems, Evi would seek comfort in the Lord. He would revive her spirit so she could return home refreshed. Still, after a few days, the sadness of her problems would creep back in. 


One particular weekend, Evi drove to the beach to be with the Lord in her special place. Once again she asked the Lord to refresh her weary spirit, but she was so overcome by sadness she just stared numbly ahead of her. Suddenly, something in the surf caught her attention. When she sat up to look more intently, she saw a school of dolphins diving and splashing in the water directly in front of her. Dolphins were one of her favorite creatures. Their unexpected appearance at that particular time was a gift from the Lord. It brought immense joy to her heart. In her time of need, the God of Hope gave her a gift designed just for her. It was a moment she'll always treasure. 


The Lord designs special moments for us to cherish. He creates an abundance of gifts in nature - sparkling skies, smiling flowers, gentle breezes. Some of these gifts are intended just for us because our Creator knows us intimately and he knows what brings joy to our hearts. The Lord places these special treasures along our way. The sweet melody of birds and the brilliant colors of a sunrise are gifts of romance from our Heavenly Father. He wants his gifts to ignite our passion for him. He wants us to respond to him with intense emotion. He's thrilled when we become dizzy in his presence, when we open our arms and twirl with joy. Our holy ardor delights him. 


The lover of our souls romances us with gifts and special moments to treasure. He awes us through nature. The next time we're thrilled by a natural wonder, we can look heavenward and smile. The Lord is charming our spirits because his love for us is fervent. When he beckons to us, let's run to his arms and fall into his embrace. 


O Lord, our hearts burn with passion for you.

My darling, my beautiful one, come and dance with me.



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